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Sofia Torres-McKay
October 19, 2020 | In the News | Sofia Torres-McKay

The Buyer story, Celebrating Hispanic Roots

Pinot Group

Oregon’s Willamette Valley might be best known for its Pinot Noir but few may realise how diverse its winemaking community is. Celebrating Hispanic Roots was an event aimed at setting the record straight with six Latinx winemakers from Atticus Wine, Beacon Hill Winery, Cramoisi Vineyard, Gonzales Wine, PARRA Wine and Valcan Cellars telling their stories and showing their wines, the best of which LM Archer tastes and recommends. Not only are the six speakers leaders in their own right but they are also advocates for the Latinx community, particularly for those who work on vineyards.

“It’s not often that you get to hear six bright, talented entrepreneurs speak in beautiful Spanish accents about how we can improve the wine industry… not just for growers and producers, but also for the undervalued community of Spanish speaking vineyard labourers.”

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